Jia is pregnant! This is her last pregnancy, so crossing fingers that they have black hair this time. Really, she was only suppose to have two kids but I’m pretty determined.

Also this is probably my first time in a long time making a nursery before the baby is born. I tried as hard as I could to make it unisex but it ended up being more of a black, white and grey nursery. 

For this pregnancy I don’t mind what gender she has since they’ve already had both but Jia seems to want a girl as it says in the lifetime wish box. 

AND LAST for fun I am giving you guys the option of naming their last child! So give me ideas on girl name or boy names. Please nothing like “Jayden” “Cayden” “Hayden.” I will be randomly choosing my favorite one once the baby is born! Thanks for the help.

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  4. thedoctors-plumbob said: Oh, this nursery is gorgeous! Hmm… For a girl maybe Hazel, India, or Peri. For a boy, maybe Bade, Sawyer, or Julius. :)
  5. jazinga said: That nursery! I am only left to wonder what poor Kylie must think of the hovel she finds herself in. Jia’s new baby gets one of the most amazing rooms I have seen. =) So. Alain.
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