DFJSDJKFKSDFSDF OKAY SO THIS IS THE POST I’VE BEEN DYING TO LIKE, POST. It turns out Keelee had twins when I wasn’t playing her! Meet Jacob and Lilliana Lucas Coleman. They are the new addition to the family, OH MY GOD. And I’m so shocked cause I said I didn’t want any twins in generation three,  plus this is the second time I’ve ever had identical twins in my game cause they always end up fraternal, ALWAYS. 

Edit: Oh ok well supposidly boy and girl are considered fraternal so nvm

Jul 24th (+39)
  1. plumbponette said: they are so precious!! that is amazing
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  3. mahinaohana said: They’re super cute, but even if they have the same face, boy/girl twins are considered fraturnal…
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